Workbook week 2– Avatars

Who is your Target Market?

How to use this workbook: When we start our meetings, you can take notes on this workbook to use for later reference. During the meetings, you can write down pertinent questions that you have on the material for clarification, and you can write yourself prompts for questions to ask of your clubs. We can then discuss your discoveries at our next meeting in 2 weeks

Today we’re discussing Club Avatars.

An Avatar is an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person.

This is your target.

What things do you know about your avatar?

Are avatars the same for every club?

How can we capitalize on the uniqueness?

What problems are your avatars trying to solve?

Many Clubs try to appeal to the general populace. What would be the problem with this type of approach?

What are the NEADS?






What happens if the club does figure out its avatar and then approaches prospective members that do not fit its description? How do those guests feel when they visit the meeting?


Your club consists of mainly retirees who are college educated. Nearly all of them have traveled outside the country and are very well-read. They have decided that their avatar is a 25-year-old businessperson with a sense of humor and relentless drive to self-improve.

  1. Does this avatar really reflect the characteristics of the club at present?
  2. What is more likely to change–the club’s environment or its avatar?
  3. What would the club have to do to appeal to the needs of its avatar?
  4. Would their visitors have issues when the problems they need solved are not addressed in meetings? They need the confidence to address groups of people in the business and the club does not make use of presentation techniques that would aid in this pursuit.
  5. What happens when the NEADS of the club (Now, Enjoy, Alter, Decision, Solution) do not match the NEADS of the prospective member?

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