Coach’s Corner Workbook #3–Focus

How do you keep your Focus?

How to use this workbook: When we start our meetings, you can take notes on this workbook to use for later reference. During the meetings, you can write down pertinent questions that you have on the material for clarification, and you can write yourself prompts for questions to ask of your clubs. We can then discuss your discoveries at our next meeting in 2 weeks.

Today, we’re discussing Focus.

One of the problems that is common to coaches everywhere is losing focus about what their role is in making the club successful.

The “Outsider’s Perspective” is a good way to set your destination.

How do you perceive your club’s main barriers to reaching that destination?




How can the Blind Eye Syndrome derail your focus?

Since your club is definitely going to have to take an outsider’s look at their own club, how do you go about calling their attention to areas of concern?

How will you include your officers and club members in the process?

Without outright telling them what to do, how will you coax some direction and action items from your club and involve as many people as possible?

How will you celebrate successes? How will you handle setbacks? (One coach promised a pizza party for each achievement along the way. Another gave out ribbons and silly prizes. Use your imagination!)

Remember you are in it together with your club. Always think WE and OUR, but remember that whatever they decide to do, it has to survive after the coaching is finished.

Published by Rebecca Fegan

To be a better anything, I have to be a better person. My results come from the quality of my thinking and it is something I always work on.

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