Workbook #4: How to build the Morale of your club

In your first impressions, how do you assess the emotional health of the club?

  1. Who’s the first person into the meeting? Do most of them show up as the second hand hits the starting time? Do they come in early and socialize? How are they greeted?
  2. Are the roles all filled or are they scrambling every meeting? Do they usually have prepared speakers ready? Do the other people understand their roles and are capable and prepared?
  3. How do the members relate to each other? Are they respectful? Do they have “inside jokes?” How welcoming are they to guests?
  4. Can you discern who’s mentoring whom? Do all the members seem willing to help each other? Does it appear that everyone feels comfortable in the meeting?
  5. How do the evaluations make the speakers feel? Do they recommend a laundry list of things that need to be fixed? Are the evaluations one-on-one or round robin? Does it seem that the comments are simple changes that the speakers can apply immediately?
  6. How are the business meetings organized? Do they Have exec meetings separate from the regular meetings? How do they address the health of the club? Are the officers of the club hopeful or hopeless?

Published by Rebecca Fegan

To be a better anything, I have to be a better person. My results come from the quality of my thinking and it is something I always work on.

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