Workbook #7 Review and Reflect

When you brought out your Club Success Plan, did it seem foreign to you? 2. In what areas are you complete or near-complete? Congratulations! 3. In what areas does your club need more work? Those need to be prioritized. 4. Who is in charge of the Club Success Plan? How can this person present theContinue reading “Workbook #7 Review and Reflect”

How do you evaluate your progress?

I got this neat form from Richard Snyder in District 100. It’s very handy!          Club Coach Report     First Year   ____Preliminary Report Do one month after the appointment begins ____Interim Report Do six months into the appointment ____Final Report Do at the end of the year or appointment. If club finishes the year DistinguishedContinue reading “How do you evaluate your progress?”

Workbook #5 How do you learn

When you join a club or an organization, do you only learn when you are doing your part? That’s a trick question. What, exactly, IS your part? Starting with the basics: Timer: What kind of Speaking Skills or Leadership skills do you improve as a timer? Grammarian: How can being a grammarian be used toContinue reading “Workbook #5 How do you learn”

This is Coaching?

I went looking for coaching resource material, and lo and behold, there was a coaching guide. What fun!!! Corrective Action: Convince members that they will gain meaningful benefits from membership in a successful Toastmasters club. ???!!! That’s not coaching. That’s telling. Make them care? Well, they’re showing up, aren’t they? You cannot make someone care.Continue reading “This is Coaching?”

Workbook #4: How to build the Morale of your club

In your first impressions, how do you assess the emotional health of the club? Who’s the first person into the meeting? Do most of them show up as the second hand hits the starting time? Do they come in early and socialize? How are they greeted? Are the roles all filled or are they scramblingContinue reading “Workbook #4: How to build the Morale of your club”